Yesterday, my family and I went to the Best. Zoo. Ever. It was a drive-through zoo where the animals walked up to your car and you fed them feed from a bucket purchased at the zoo’s entrance. And I’m not talking about a handful of animals roaming around, there were tons of them!   Having…


DP Photo Challenge: Adventure

Bungee jumping in Interlaken, Switzerland: Pictured above is my daughter taking the 450 foot (150m) plunge. To read more about her African adventure, click here. Click here to read about Marissa’s amazing adventurous spirit and why I am so inspired by her! ADVENTURE


Blog Tour: Australia, U.S. and Great Britain

Thanks to Karen at days and months for inviting me to participate in today’s blog tour. Karen and I have been bloggy friends since we met through Blogging 101, a WordPress class. She hails from the Gold Coast of Australia. Days and Months features Karen’s amazing photography. Sometimes after I see her photos, I want…


So You Have A Middle Schooler…

I’m a middle school teacher and a parent so listen up! Here are some helpful tips to smooth out the rough edges of your child’s hormone-fueled middle school years. Stop texting your child at school- This has become a problem of epic proportions!! Students are on their phones a lot which is a nuisance, but…

Must walk faster!!

DP Photo Challenge: Fray

Definition of Fray (n):  a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute The struggle depicted below is that of my brother attempting to escape the grips of the Atlantic Ocean while hanging onto a four year old child. -Dewey Beach, Delaware


West Point Really Works!

This weekend I was reunited with my daughter Bethany after dropping her off at West Point six weeks ago. She had just finished a long summer of grueling basic training known as “Beast Barracks.” Communication during this time period consisted of four phone calls (most very short) and old-fashioned letters. My post T-6 Days explains…

Old Guard Change of Command Ceremony

DP Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This photo was taken at my husband’s change of command ceremony. He had just finished serving two years as a battalion commander for the Old Guard. The Old Guard is also known as the 3rd U.S. Infantry. It is the oldest active duty Infantry unit in the Army, dating back to 1784. The Old Guard is the…