Yesterday, my family and I went to the Best. Zoo. Ever. It was a drive-through zoo where the animals walked up to your car and you fed them feed from a bucket purchased at the zoo’s entrance. And I’m not talking about a handful of animals roaming around, there were tons of them!


Having animals with giant heads aggressively push their enormous snouts inside of your car is so unexpected that it is hilarious. These guys really want their food!!


Even the horned beasts were hopeful about fitting into our car. My husband wasn’t too happy about that, especially when they whacked our car with their horns.




Interesting llama facts: Llamas love food, but they don’t enjoy being petted. Cover up before they sneeze or cough because it can get sloppy. Another fun fact: nothing smells worse than a llama fart.




Zebras like food too, but they are nippy so we were asked not to feed them.




Ostriches/emus are fast when it comes to grabbing food and not particularly friendly.



Camels can be fed, but are kept behind an enclosure. They are pretty aggressive in making sure they get enough food and one went so far as to steal my entire bucket right out of my hand. No manners whatsoever.



There is also a walking around portion to the Virginia Safari Park. Here they have giraffes, tigers, kangaroos, reptiles, camels, pot bellied pigs, llamas, goats, etc.





Giraffe feeding was a treat and the 18 inch black tongue was quite a surprise! This friendly giraffe even smiled for me in her picture!




Budgie feeding was intense. Walking into this free flight aviary, we found about 100 of these blue, green and yellow birds flying around. If you’re not crazy about birds, don’t come in. These beautiful budgies enjoy dive bombing and targeting people’s heads is their specialty. They are gentle, but it is a bit startling. You can buy a popsicle stick with food on it for $1 and entice a bird onto it which my daughter found enjoyable…at first. Once they started landing on her and pecking her arm it wasn’t so much fun anymore. Surprisingly, no one was pooped on here.


Here are some basic facts about Virginia Safari Park, Virginia’s Only Drive-Thru Safari Adventure

Park size: 180 acres

Terrain: Park animals are free to roam over the forested property while guests drive through on a three mile gravel maintained road. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the zoo is in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Speed limit: 4.5 mph

Price: $16:95 per person (13-adult), $10.95 (2-12)

1013722_844040365640953_8939938506018732956_nBucket of food: $3.95 (We received four free buckets because we are military. Thank you!!)

The hefty admission almost scared us away, but it is TOTALLY worth it!! Within the first five minutes, we knew that this was well worth the price tag.


10 thoughts on “Best.Zoo.Ever.

  1. Nice to have you back Adrienne. What fabulous photos, absolutely priceless. I love them all. How nice to be so hands on with the animals. I loved “snout CAM” and especially the photo of the giraffe from below – that for me was the absolute best as its such a different view – loved it. You can see how much fun you had on the day from your photos, it was an enjoyable experience for me to look at through your eyes. Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you! It was fun taking these photos…a lot of them were with my wide angle lens.

      I had to take a hiatus due to school starting and wanting to get my students off on the right track. It is very time consuming!! I’m hoping to ease back into blogging now that we are a month into school. I’ve missed everyone!!

      • I’ve missed you and your posts so glad you are on the road back. (although how you do it all with a family and school I don’t know!!)..The wide angle lens sure opens up a whole new world, your photos are fantastic, not that they weren’t before but they just ‘zing’.

  2. Okay, I had to read this seeing that first pic up there with the horse’s head in the car and your pix are great, but I have to tell you, your daughter there with the zebra coming in her window has the same expression I’d probably have if confronted with all this. You are brave people for sure.

    • Ha! She was alternately enjoying the experience and repulsed by the animals. They aren’t exactly polite…lots of snorting and spraying!! What an experience. 🙂

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