A New Zombie Book!!

cover Zombies! Aliens! In the same book? Oh yes, and what a horrifyingly magnificent pairing they make in Jack Flacco’s book, Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion.

Ranger Martin, former truck driver turned zombie slayer, is back in this action packed sequel to Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse. Joined by his ragtag apocalypse “family” of teens and kids, this group is driven not just to survive, but also to win back the peace and freedom they had before the zombie apocalypse. Fighting aliens, zombies, and a rogue military force, Ranger’s outgunned, undermanned group faces an almost unwinnable battle. Alongside of this we have Ranger and an underground resistance working to figure out what the aliens and their silver spaceships have to do with the creation and constant production of zombies. Why are they doing this? And why is our military helping them? Can they be stopped…or is life on Earth over? One thing’s for certain, if anyone can get to the bottom of this, it’s Ranger Martin.

One of my favorite things about Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion is the nonstop action. The book opens with Ranger trapped by a hoard of zombies who are desperate to have a taste of his flesh. Flacco does an excellent job of building suspense into each of these action scenes as well as making them essential in some way to driving the plot forward. Oftentimes zombie-genre books include action/gore scenes gratuitously and this can get old pretty quickly.

Readers beware: Flacco is also not afraid to kill characters. This made me very happy because what is an action, suspense novel without a few shockers? Sometimes he even lets you get to know the characters, become attached to them, and then BAM! They’re gone. This certainly enhanced the reading experience for me and upped the tension factor.

I found the characters to be engaging and their relationships believable. Ranger is a capable leader who is focused on keeping his makeshift family safe, not just for a short time period, but for the long haul. This focus often causes tension within the group, especially with Matty, a spirited 15-year-old girl. Matty would like to hunker down in a safe spot, away from the zombies and aliens, and ignore the world falling to pieces around her. Keeping her younger brother safe is her main priority. An excellent sharpshooter, Matty is an indispensable part of Ranger’s team. Her life becomes a bit more complicated in this book as she develops a love interest.

I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy zombie fiction. Flacco knows how to engage the reader and keep the story moving. Many zombie novels are short on plot and long on action; Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion hits the sweet spot in balancing both. Another thing that sets Flacco’s book apart from others in this genre is the lack of foul language and overt sexual content thus making it appropriate for the young adult crowd.

Flacco’s talent for using vivid imagery will leave your mind spinning with visions of rotting zombie flesh, green guts and slime, and spinning silver spaceships long after you’ve turned the last page of this book. Don’t miss out on this exciting, action-packed adventure.


Jack Flacco, Author


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Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion goes on sale October 21, 2014.


3 thoughts on “A New Zombie Book!!

  1. Hi Adrienne!

    I’m popping over to say thank you for such a wonderful review you posted of my book. I’m partially smiling reading, “Readers beware: Flacco is also not afraid to kill characters.” If you only knew how many other characters were in the story I’d killed off before the edits! Anyway, I really appreciate the time you took reviewing my book and taking part in the review team’s activities. So glad you liked Matty! 🙂

    Thanks again,


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