New Year’s Day 2014: Every New Year’s Day my husband, four daughters and I gather together at a restaurant and we make resolutions for each other.

Here’s how it works: When it’s your turn to be in the hot seat, everyone tells you why you’re so awesome. I like the way you keep secrets! You’re amazing at saving money! It then moves into people listing off a few things you could do to improve yourself. Try working on your self-talk so you don’t beat yourself up so much. If someone is feeling snarky, it can get a little ugly. You might want to consider shaving your legs more than once a month. This, of course, can end in tears.

2014 New Year’s critique from daughter number two: Mom, you are a Creative Writing and Newspaper Journalism teacher and you don’t write. You need to start writing. How can you teach writing if you don’t write?

So here I am…living out my New Year’s Resolution! I am writing about my family, books I read, teaching, or anything that strikes my fancy. I am gaining confidence as a writer (just like my middle school students) and writing for my own personal enjoyment.



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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and offering your kind words of encouragement. Glad I got to swing by your blog and read some great content. Looking forward to more!

  2. Hi!!!… Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!!… I really love color but I like classic touches at the same time. And yes, I’m a Graphic Designer :D, and a Life-Fashion lover (but with the plus that I’m also a journalist)… I really like your blog, the way you talk about some issues, made me think about my mom actually talking to me on that same way… I’m now subscribed to your blog, hope to read more from you…


  3. What a wonderful New Year’s tradition. And what great encouragement from daughter number 2. I’m so glad you decided to do your writing on a blog! Have you told your students you’re now writing?

    • A few of my students know…the ones I’m closer too who are serious about their writing. I will definitely include it in my Back to School introdcutions at the beginning of the next year. I still need to tell daughter number 2, but wanted to make sure I had something to show for myself first. 🙂

      • Your family – and your photography – is gorgeous! Love the cherry blossoms…if that’s what they are. Hey! they are pink and fluffy and on a tree, right?
        Thanks for liking my posts. You are one of the VERYVERYVERY few people who have responded and, if for no other reason than that, I am grateful. Also delighted that you are an ally. Way to “teach your children well!” (from an old Crosby, Stills, Nash song way before you were born.)
        Great New Year’s tradition. Maybe my wife and I will try that at the first of every month. it could actually be a real possibility for deep sharing and growth. Thank you for the idea.
        Segueing right in, here, speaking of sharing ideas, I would seriously reconsider letting the whole world know about your blog, as in sharing it with the parents next year in BTS. After 20 years teaching languages in public high school, it never ceased to shock and awe me how people (particularly disgruntled parents of teens and teens themselves) can manipulate and distort perfectly innocent commentary in order to satisfy some sad, hidden desire to be cruel. If you teach journalism, you know this to be true. As your heart is so beautiful and sweet, my friend, it would make me really, really sad for it to happen to you. It would crush your very soul and cause such a crisis of darkness that it would take a long, long time to recover…if ever. (Not that I’d know anything about that but, because the internet is truly WWW, just thought I’d mention it. So much better to be safe than devastated, after all.)
        Anyway, I shall click “follow” and watch you soar!
        Blessings to you and yours!

      • I think that is very wise advice and agree 100 % with you about the fickleness of parents. Thank you for your wise words and I will proceed with caution. 🙂

        I will say this though, if I can’t be me, I don’t want the job. In my creative writing class my students just created videos about any idea or quote that was near and dear to their hearts. They had to think of a creative way to present it to their peer via a video. Several of my students chose to present on Gay Marriage. They were worried that they or I would get in trouble for talking about this in class. I told them to create their videos and to not worry about it. Their final projects were fabulous and my students were SO happy to have a chance to be heard. They rarely are afforded the opportunity to express their opinions and really took this seriously. I didn’t get in trouble and if it was that big of a deal to someone, then I would have moved on. I’m not a huge rule breaker, but I don’t like to live my life worrying all of the time either because of a few cranky people.

        That being said…as of now, no one at school knows about my blog and I do intend to keep it that way until I’ve given it A LOT more thought.

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    • I found some of it to be difficult and when I did, I simply posted my question/problem in the CSS forum and received an answer back or more likely, someone went in and did it for me!! I’m happy that went with the upgrade. I like the colors better now. I’ve asked a lot of questions and the CSS people have been very responsive. My plan is to change my colors each season and the upgrade allows me to do this. Good luck!!

      • No. I’m not very good at this sort of thing. I know what I like when I see it, but I don’t know what I want. That was a problem! I like blue so that was the one thing I was sure of. Looking for a picture I wanted took a while. It’s important to search for really large images or else they get stretched or pixel-ey. My daughter taught me how to do that on google images.

  6. Admiring the writing, the pics, and the stories. Altogether it’s a real nice package you’re putting together here. Congrats on making a success of a tough New Year’s resolution!

  7. I hope you know how much I enjoy your blog – sorry it’s taken me so long to get to your about page. (Building this house has me twisting and turning in too many directions!) Ugh! Your New Years resolution game is one that could quickly turn the corner into, “What was I thinking,” but it seems as if it’s brought about nothing but cathartic change. Brilliant!!!! Also, it’s always great to know a fellow introvert! 🙂 All the best. ~Karen~

    • Thank you! Your comment made my day; I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog. 🙂 Our New Year’s Day tradition does end in tears at times, but overall we like it!!

  8. thanks for the like on my page! 🙂 I have been enjoying yours since I saw you over on Kat’s page. I totally agree with your girls about your getting after it as a writer…wow I wish I had that flow like yours! It is a mighty river that is learned to be an inviting brook. That is talent!

    Anyway, your cheeriness and positivity that is not inane false optimism and “Status-Quo-ism” is so refreshing, so just thanks! Charissa

  9. I have a question for you. I noticed that you have multiple pages for your different themed blogs. How did you create different links or sites for those different blogs (ex: Marriage, Empty Nest, Army Adventures)? Or are they different registered blogs under one username?

  10. Hi! Go to Dashboard –> Appearance –> Menu
    From there you can set up different menu items that will appear along the top of your blog. For me they are the categories that I file each post under, not separate blogs. Let me know if you need more help and I can try to explain this better. 🙂

  11. Hi Adrienne, I wondered if you would be interested in being involved with a blog tour. I have been (I dare to use the word) chosen by a person and they put a piece on their blog introducing four other people and they have to answer 4 questions. It lets readers of one blog to go and look on other pages. Let me know if you would like to do this as I really like your writing style, enthusiasm and diverse range of topics that you post about. You can email me at kazg10@hotmail.com. Cheers Karen

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