When I grow up…

0a24511What do you want to be when you grow up? Adults never grow tired of asking kids this question. And it’s still fun to think about now. This weekend on my bike ride, I found myself wondering about what some alternative careers might be for myself.

First off, I love being a teacher so that’s not going to change. BUT…it is fun to think about other careers sometimes and what life would be like doing other jobs.

I came up with two lists. First, jobs I would absolutely love…even if I wouldn’t be any good at them. And second, jobs I would never want, not in a million years.

My Dream Jobs 

Nurse- Labor and Delivery/Emergency Room OR EMT-Emergency Medical Technician

Why do I like these two jobs? I enjoy helping people in times of crisis. Naturally there would be a lot of sad times along with the happy, but the general idea of assisting people who need care is very appealing to me. It seems like it would be an emotionally rewarding job which is important to me. Nursing is also interesting to me because of the wide variety of jobs you can have or areas you can specialize in. Opportunities for growth are continuously available. One of the primary reasons I like the EMT job is because they are so vital to our communities. They save lives everyday and I very much value the service they provide.

Would I be any good at this job? I admire this group of people because they are capable, calm and encouraging. I feel that I share some of the traits so this job could be suitable for me. I’m also easy to talk to as are most nurses who are often more accessible than doctors. Many have told me that I am very good at staying calm under pressure and that I’m the one they’d want around in an emergency. So, that’s a positive.

Uh oh, here’s the deal breaker: I am squeamish to the extreme. Bones sticking out of flesh, needles and open wounds really turn my stomach. Also, I think you have to be good at math…I’m not.

911 Operator

Why do I like this job? Helping people by connecting them to fire, police, and medical services as they as they face an emergency seems like a rewarding career. I think this is a difficult and stressful job involving hours of assisting people who are facing what is possibly the worst day of their lives. Providing help and reassurance most definitely takes its toll on 911 operators, but must offer a sense of satisfaction as well.

Would I be any good at this job? I’m a calm, reassuring person who doesn’t get flustered under pressure. Also, I like that you don’t have to see any blood with this job. However, the stress over time might end up taking its toll on me. Not knowing what happens after you hang up the phone would probably haunt me. This lack of closure would definitely be a drawback.

Uh oh, here’s the deal breaker: I’m not crazy about the 12 hour shifts that most 911 operators work and this job probably wouldn’t help my chronic migraine problem. That being said, I wouldn’t mind giving this one a shot some day.

‘Slice of Life’ Reporter for a Newspaper or This American Life

Why do I like this job? I find other people and their life stories incredibly interesting. Today I listened to a This American Life podcast about how a car dealership in Long Island meets its monthly sales quota. The reporter stayed with them for a week and learned all about the inner-workings of car salesmanship by shadowing the workers. How fun would that be???

Would I be any good at this job? For some reason, people tell me things. They just spill their guts to me; stories, secrets and gems I would never dream of telling anyone! My husband is continuously amazed by this open and often over sharing of information by strangers to me. My interest in people, their willingness to talk to me added to the fact that I enjoy writing makes this seem like a pretty good fit for me.

Uh oh, here’s the deal breaker: I might have to step out of my introverted comfort zone more often than I’d like to. I think it would be worth it, though!

Jobs I Could NEVER Do

Flight Attendant

Reason: I am a very nervous flyer.

How this would end: I would be fired after my third flight. Warnings would have been issued to me on previous flights to “get a grip” and to “calm down.” As it would turn out, running down the center aisle while waving my arms and screaming, “We’re going down!” is unacceptable.

School Principal

Reason: I have no tolerance for entitled, obnoxious, overbearing, pushy, arrogant parents…(or students).

How this would end: Probably with me on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Keeping my mouth shut and being diplomatic all the time would most likely prove to be too difficult a task for me to stomach for long.

Dentist or Dental Hygienist

Reason: I just really wouldn’t want to stick my hands in anyone’s mouth or scrape plaque off of teeth. Even with gloves on. Also, the sound of the drill makes me cringe and shiver.

How this would end: It would never even begin!

Beef Farmer

Reason: Those big, brown cow eyes! How could I ever sell my beautiful cows off to be slaughtered?

How this would end: I would end up as a bankrupt farmer with a lot of beef cows to feed.

What is your dream job? Do you have a job you could NEVER do?

19 thoughts on “When I grow up…

  1. These are great, Adrienne! I always wondered about the job of a 911 operator. I didn’t know at all they had to perform in 12-hour shifts. I don’t think I’d be able to do that. I think I’d pass out by hour 9.

    In my case, I already have my dream job. For me, there’s nothing quite as exciting as creating a story people will love. I enjoy that aspect of the work.

    The job I don’t think I could do? I think that would include being a zookeeper. I can’t picture myself cleaning up after the animals. How on earth would I be able to keep my lunch down knowing I had to clean the monkey cage? ‘nough said about that! 😉

    • I’m glad you like your job, too. It certainly makes all the difference in the world. I really can’t imagine spending the better part of my day working at a job I hated or found uninspiring. A zookeeper…I could clean up after the animals, though I wouldn’t like it much. However, I couldn’t deal with seeing them caged and pacing all day in such a small area.

  2. My dream job would be a paid writer. I’m not looking to make it big or become famous. I’m actually terrified to have people read my writing. But it would be my dream come true to write for a living!

    I’m having a difficult time thinking up jobs I couldn’t do. I recently developed an overly active squeamish side so I would have to say any job in the medical field where I might encounter blood, vomiting, anything gross.

    I enjoyed reading your lists. By the way, my oldest son is in EMS and it sounds like you do share many of the same traits that he has that makes him so good at his job. And on your other list- I hold a board position and being diplomatic and keeping my mouth shut is a huge part of what I seem to do. Luckily I don’t encounter as much as principals so I find the benefits much more rewarding. 🙂

    • I served on a board once and didn’t enjoy it a whole lot. The meetings were overly long and the issues we discussed weren’t very important in relation to the time spent on them. I give you a lot of credit for serving on a board…you must be a very patient person!! I like your idea of being a paid writer…you’d be great! 🙂 Hope all is going well at your house right now!

      • I’m actually in my third term on the board! It’s usually more fulfilling than it’s been lately. Some people are not meant to be leaders. It does require more patience than anything I’ve ever done.

        Things are a bit hectic, people are a bit snippy and stressed. We are trying to laugh it off.

    • Wait…Kat?? Diplomatic???? Giggles! Jus’ joshin’ ya! Didn’t Churchill quote someone else by saying that diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way? Then again, Will Rogers said diplomacy was the art of saying “Nice Doggie” until you could find a rock!


  3. I could never be a truck driver. I require way too much sleep, and I am an angry driver. 18-wheelers are massive machines, and they can be dangerous for other drivers as well as the truck drive. I’ve seen people drive like fools cutting trucks off or braking fast. Those don’t understand inertia.

  4. Ha! What a fun exercise to do! I too am very calm during stressful situations and can make other’s feel at ease. I have always wanted to be a counselor of some sort. Now a days, that is a huge job with a lot of bureaucracy, especially in the school systems. Secretly, I always wanted to be a dancer or singer. Never too late, right?

  5. amy (for that is who you are to me…I can’t get my mouth around your handle on WP! My bad not yours!! Besides, I tend to nickname and moniker things…)…

    anyway, amy you made me giggle with this post, and I actually snorted my coffee when I pictured you as a stewardess!!

    thanks for the laugh, and for the kick-start for “dream-job”…which I guess for me would involve being able to prepare feasts, open my home, and bring people to the table of meaning where we would discover together the laugh at the core of all things, and the song at the limits of forever

    • Ha ha…Amy. I do like that name, but my name is Adrienne! Preparing feasts would be on my no-can-do list. I hate cooking. I think my kids are the only ones who go off to college and think the food is good! I’m sure they would love visiting you!! PS…you can call me Amy if you want! 🙂

      • Oh DARN IT! I just now saw this…I need to check my settings for your blog and be sure I get comments. Adrienne…yes, that fits…Ima still call ya Amy, cus I like nicknames…it morphed to Ame for me, so with your permission Ame is is (like french, for friend! 🙂 ).

        So…what is this about a bike ride? I missed that the first time too. My darling and I ride nearly every day. I would be interested in any cycling related stuff.


  6. Like you I could never do anything that involved dealing with bodies…that’s why I’m a teacher not a nurse. My dream job would be to work on costume design and creation for the theatre or for museums where they have people who do re-enactments.

  7. As you know, my secret dream job would be a HS or Middle School teacher. While I enjoy my job, it certainly isn’t dreamy! But I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I mean, really….who ever thought I would end up in IT.

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