A Room for Princess

10001433_723759231002401_1727553928_nRoom. For a few days in March, this was my cat Princess’ favorite “room” in the house. It was the perfect size and for a good part of the day it was in the sun. An added benefit was that she was able to remain incognito and observe the comings and goings of the household without being disturbed. The fact that she remained hidden in plain sight perhaps brought her many moments of happiness and glee as she noted, once again, her superiority over us. When we did discover her and stop by to visit, it was only to admire her, offer head scratches and praise her for her ingenuity.

Princess has since moved on to sleeping on any open laptop she can find. Deleting documents, turning on Spotify, adding long lines of random text to unfinished emails, and inadvertently ordering things online has turned out to be an amusing pastime. The very vocal response it generates from her humans seems to please her.




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