Split Second Stories: Afghanistan



During the heat of the day, Afghan workers ate their lunches in bunkers and rested. Soldiers took turns guarding them to ensure that they weren’t up to nefarious activities. 

These pictures were taken during one of my husband’s deployments to Afghanistan and show a bit about what life was like there for the soldiers as well as for the Afghans.   Daily Post Photo Challenge


Abandoned Soviet aircraft

My husband is posing with abandoned Soviet aircraft at Bagram Airfield. They are a reminder of the Soviet occupation during the 80’s.


Afghani children checking out the Army camp

Afghan children checking out the Army camp. U.S. soldiers in the watch tower are checking them out too!



A family of sheepherders

A family of sheep herders seen while my husband was out on patrol.


10 thoughts on “Split Second Stories: Afghanistan

  1. Love the photo of the sheep herders the most because it shows that life somehow goes in even in the midst of war. Thanks for sharing and thanks to your husband for serving us.

    • Thank you! Yes, I like the sheep herding photos as well. I can’t imagine living in a war torn country. And Afghanistan hasn’t seen peace in so long.

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