When my daughter comes home from college she likes to draw faces on all of the eggs in the refrigerator.
Why? She finds it amusing.
I have a hard time using the eggs once they have faces on them because they look so sad or scared or hopeful.
My poor twisted eggs…or daughter!

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28 thoughts on “Twist

  1. Hahahahaha. I love she took the time to give them different expressions. My favorite is the egg who is worried about her crack. Then the egg with the monocle. I’m doing this whenever I visit someone from now on. Because, why not? There are no good reasons not to. None. 😀

    • Ha ha! Have fun surprising your friends. I love all of the varied expressions too. That’s how I choose which egg to use next…the one that disturbs me the least! 🙂

  2. I just boiled eggs today that had faces on them, was really sad cracking them. My daughter also loves egg faces 🙂

  3. your daughter sounds so fun – and this is a great idea – I am going to draw on some to surprise the family this week. ha! and this is why I love blogging – the fun ideas we get – so thanks for the fun post. 🙂

  4. awww, those eggs are adorable!! how anyone could use them i don’t know. at least i can pester my parents with them now 😛

  5. LOL! My 7 year old (who is home sick from school today) and I loved it! I’m thinking I should check out the eggs in the fridge later… You may have given him ideas!! : )))

  6. It made me laugh now looking at the eggs, maybe she is expressing all feelings she had when away from you, or she is sending a message to you through the eggs. It’s a mystery, but a funny one!

  7. This is hilarious! The eggs look so cute. Your daughter seems to draw very well and creatively too. Seeing eggs with funny faces must always be entertaining for you 🙂

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