Project 52: Week 6- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Project 52: Week 6- Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Riding bikes at the beach is the best, especially in the morning when it is still cool and there’s a nice breeze blowing in off of the ocean. Each summer my entire family gathers for an amazing week of bonding and togetherness at Dewey Beach, Delaware. We cram way too many people into the same smallish, outdated, slightly grimy house each year, swearing that the next year we’ll upgrade. We never do though. Our beach shack, though a tad unappealing, is cheap, indestructible, and the kids love it.

This past summer we brought our bikes with us for the first time.  My 13-year-old niece pretty much lives at the beach all summer so she served as our own personal tour guide. This was especially handy because she knows all the best trails, shortcuts, breakfast shops, and bakeries. Each morning she had a  new adventure planned for us. She took us up and down the Rehoboth boardwalk, past all the multi-million dollar mansions, and along some beautiful wooded trails.

Our bikes and the beach shack are both ready for another fun reunion this summer!

My niece, in the pink shirt, is taking us on a trail ride.

My niece, in the pink shirt, is taking us on a trail ride.


The cousins getting reacquainted inside the tastefully decorated beach shack.

Our beach shack. Not much to look at, but it gets the job done.

8 thoughts on “Project 52: Week 6- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

    • Exactly. I have three brothers and together we have a lot of kids who like to have fun. Not worrying keeping the house in pristine condition makes the whole vacation much more relaxing. 🙂

  1. I’m going with sister and her family to the beach for the first time. I have sweet memories of my family going to the Florida Panhandle to vacation. I agree with your assessment of lodging, unimportant. It’s love, laughter and togetherness that count.

  2. I spent summers with my cousins and their folks in a few cabins on Lake Winnepesaukee, NH. It’s awesome to all get together in one, a little too tight, place and share experiences you’ll remember your whole life. This summer we’ll be seeing each other at my folks 60th anniversary… fun times expected! (although this time we have separate hotel rooms 😉 ). Thank you so much for sharing this in RMoD. I hope you have a terrific time when you go again this summer.

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