Powderpuff: Play Hard. Play Dirty.


Bethany catching a pass at her Powderpuff game.

Last night was the final time I was able to enjoy seeing my daughter compete in a high school athletic event: The Seniors vs. Juniors Powderpuff Football Game.

Bethany was a wide receiver for the seniors and also played defense.

For those who don’t know, Powderpuff football is an annual event where girls compete in a flag football game. Teams are coached by guys who actually play football. While this game often starts out as friendly and fun, it often turns into a fierce, ferocious fight to the finish.

Yes, there was unnecessary roughness in last night’s game. Feelings were hurt, people were shoved, dirty play abounded.  And, it was all girl-style so you know it got ugly! The refs didn’t stand a chance.

One of my favorite moments last night was when my daughter made an amazing, all in dive to take another girl down and the announcer boomed out over the PA system, “Tackle by Bethany! Hashtag athlete!!”  Proudest mama in town, oh yeah!

And that, is my Random Moment of Delight for the week!

11 thoughts on “Powderpuff: Play Hard. Play Dirty.

    • Thanks! Three of my girls play/played volleyball and it has been a lot of fun watching them over the years. I hate being cold so I was always glad that they picked an indoor sport! 🙂

  1. The girls on my high school’s Powderpuff team were bad ass. Heck, in my senior year I’d wager they were better the boy’s team – tough, more athletic, and way more heart! Mad respect for your daughter.

  2. Love the “Tackle by Bethany! Hashtag athlete!!” What great fun. Ours was not a sporting family, but theatrical. At least all our events were/are inside ;). I’m so glad you linked up to RMoD again this week. It’s wonderful to learn about you and your family.

  3. I bet you were proud! Awesome job by your daughter. She is lucky to have the parents she has. You don’t hold her back, you hold her up and you have taught her to go all in! Yea!

  4. Not only does it sound like you had fun, but it also sounds like everyone enjoyed the brawl! 😉 I wonder what it would’ve been like without the refs! 🙂

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