Hey! You kinda look like your dogs!

IMG_5441Yesterday I was out walking two of my four dogs when I had this exchange with a couple of ladies:

Me: Friendly wave and smile

Lady #1: Wave and smile before popping out with, “Wow, you look kinda like your dogs!!”

Lady #2: Staring and then nodding to friend, “You’re right; she does! They match.”

Me: Weird fake laughing noise and then speed walking away from this awkwardness.

So, as I thought about this bit of strangeness over the course of my walk home, I decided to take this as a compliment. My dogs are awesome and we do have a lot in common. We are very good-natured, love to befriend strangers, and growl at people only when absolutely necessary.

Finishing up my walk, I was remembering how excited the girls were when we brought our brand new puppies home. As part of a weekly blogging challenge called “Moments of Delight” I will be sharing a photograph, a video or a memory that brought a feeling of happiness or delight.

Puppy Planning: Our family is very big into planning and thus the anticipation for us is almost as much fun as the actual event. Researching breeds of dogs, convincing or tricking my husband into agreeing to a new pet, and finding a breeder that wasn’t part of a puppy mill were all part of this exciting process. After that came trying to come up with a name we could all agree upon. Oh, how we love brainstorming cute dog names! Should we go with a theme like candy names or superhero names? How about Harry Potter names? What about real people names like Charles or Charlotte or George or Gracie?

This is the one!!

This is the one!!

The Big Day: On the day when we would drive to choose and pick up our new puppy, the girls would typically be making deals in the back seat over who would get to hold him on the way home. Names were still being tossed around and someone would be making a list of things we needed to buy. Excited chatter would fill the car as we pulled up and we tried to get a glimpse of the puppies or their parents. Selecting our puppy from the wriggling mass of cuteness was never easy, but somehow, the girls would eventually narrow it down to the perfect pup. Watching my girls breathe in that yummy puppy breath and seeing their faces light up as they received more and more wet kisses from our newest pup is one of my favorite my moments of delight…x4!

The Puppies


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All Grown Up


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28 thoughts on “Hey! You kinda look like your dogs!

  1. Nothing wrong with “looking like your dogs” when your dogs are so beautiful 🙂 I’ve seen magazine articles with dogs and owners, and sometimes the resemblance is just amazing!

  2. I have to laugh at the part about tricking or convincing your husband. We actually talked about the possibility of getting a dog. Then I found on at a shelter, knew she was the one, took a picture and sent it to my husband and kids, adopted her and the rest is history. Oops!

  3. I have a friend who received a similar “compliment” on facebook, and she wasn’t too thrilled about it either 🙂 Now I’m thinking of 101 Dalmations, isn’t there a scene at the beginning where they show dogs and owners looking alike?
    Anyway, you’re very pretty and your dogs are cute.

    • Why thank you! This isn’t the first time this has happened. Once I won a cooler for looking the most like my dog at a pet show. That dog was an Australian Shepherd.

  4. Your dogs are beautiful, although I agree I might be a bit taken aback by that comment. My terrier mix is basically white with an apricot tone down her back. Darling daughter said that I looked just like her because “you have ginger hair with white roots!” I am plotting my revenge as we speak!

  5. I’m giggling… pets and their people looking alike is kinda fun! Of course I guess not if you own a Bulldog or a Shar-pei. Your dogs are almost as beautiful as you are (and you do have long blonde hair…) so I can see why remarks were made.

    Thank you so much for joining Random Moments of Delight. I love meeting bloggers and making new cheerful friends. Your blog is lovely and your writing marvelous (love the slideshows too). It will be such fun to get to know your family and fur family. You’ll have to tell us what breeds they are. One looks like a Poodle? The other big one has the look of a Golden Retriever but the face of a GBGV. A Maltese? And maybe a smaller poodle?


    • Well, thank you for your kind words and for hosting such a wonderful challenge/event! I love reliving happy moments and writing them down along with all of the details helps me to preserve the memory.

      Now, onto my dogs… The two big dogs are both Golden Doodles, a Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle hybrid mix. As you can see, one of them got a lot more poodle genes than the other! The two little dogs are Cavachons which are also hybrids. They are a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. I like your guesses…very close!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I was going to say King Charles Spaniel, but the ears weren’t quite long enough… now I know why! Yes the two Golden Doodles really got different mixes of genes.

  6. I love your story and your photos. You and your fur family are gorgeous.
    I am not usually the type to ask my partner questions like ‘do I look fat in this’ etc But I once in a moment of boredom asked him (stupidly) what type of dog I’d be. He said Golden Retriever. I pouted at first perplexed, thinking he meant I was of a large kind. At the time I was quite underweight, so this made no sense to me. But he said it was because of my golden hair. They are also pretty special according to author, Dean Koontz. So in reality it was flattery.
    I’ve since learned not to ask such questions or to be so affected by what people say. Often how they say it or the intend behind their words is not how we hear it. Or sometimes (like my silly question) they are just looking for something to say. Thank you for sharing; you made my day. I can’t wait to get a puppy again!

    • Thanks for your reply…it made me laugh. I NEVER ask my husband for his opinion unless I really, really want it. Sounds like you’ve learned this lesson too. I think the comment was related to our hair and I actually thought it was funny. I teach middle school students who say whatever pops into their heads so I am used to strange comments! I hope you get a puppy soon. Everyone needs a dog!

  7. You and your dogs are gorgeous. Definitely a compliment. I had Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I would question that as a compliment. Loved my dogs, though. I miss having one. Great post!

  8. I’ve never had a pet and this post so makes me want to adopt a puppy. I just don’t think I’ll be able to take care of one with my job. Your dogs are beautiful and lovable 🙂

    • Well, they are a lot of work, but as soon as you are able to I’m sure you will find it totally worth it! They are great at giving unconditional love. 🙂

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