An Apple for the Teacher

An Apple for the Teacher

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
― Aristotle

13 Reasons I Love Teaching
1. Every day is a new beginning! I love being able to start fresh each day or provide students with a fresh start if the previous day was rough for them. Seventh and eighth graders are very forgiving and have short memories so they are quick to move on.
2. Middle school students are so much fun, so spirited, and completely unpredictable. This makes every day different and full of laughs!!
3. Getting to personally know each student I teach is challenging and personally rewarding to me. Not to mention highly interesting and often entertaining!
4. I have real stories to tell at the dinner table every night! Some funny, some outrageous, and some are heartbreaking…
5. The nervous excitement and energy I feel at the start of every new school year or semester is addictive.
6. Getting to know the “quiet” kids…they’re not really quiet!!
7. I like feeling like I make a difference.
8. Running into former students and hearing about how they are doing never gets old. Working in a secondary school (grades 7-12), this is a frequent occurrence and huge perk for me.
9. Every class has its own personality …watching this develop is fun.
10. I love creating a positive classroom environment where all students feel valued and can succeed.
11. Creating meaningful lessons tailored to student interest and ability level is a challenge that motivates me every day.
12. Teaching is a fun and creative outlet for me.
13. Snow days, Winter Break, and Summer Vacation!!!

5 thoughts on “An Apple for the Teacher

  1. True! Hey, I have a question… Are you from America? My boyfriend lives in Seattle and we’ll be applying for a Fiance Visa so we can finally be together and get married. I still want to be a teacher but I’m afraid of high school students there (based on the TV series and movies I watch). Haha. I think I want to be a middle school teacher, too. Do you think it’s possible even though I graduated from the Philippines?

    • Yes, I live in Virginia near D.C. I’m not sure how the degrees transfer between the Philippines and the U.S. People do it, so I know it is possible!! You will need a teaching certificate/license for the state of Washington so you should go to their website and check out the requirements. Also, you could email them your transcript and they could tell you if everything transfers or if you need more classes. In Virginia, you now need a masters degree to teach. Regarding the behavior of students in the U.S. it really varies according to school and the school’s location. The students in my school are are exceptionally well behaved. When I taught in rural Georgia, a poverty stricken area, this was not the case. My brother lives in Seattle and I think the students in his kids’ high school and middle school are fine. If your degree doesn’t work out at first, you could be a substitute teacher while you are taking classes or fulfilling any requirements necessary. This is a great way to try out schools to see where you may want to teach and also a great way to get noticed by schools. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Good luck!!

      • Wow! Thank you so much for your reply! Maybe, it will be a year from now if we will not encounter any problem on the Visa application. Thanks a lot for the info and advice. 🙂

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