Why I want to be Veronica Mars


“A long time ago, we used to be friends.”
-Veronica Mars opening song

1. Confidence, independence, courage and a touch of defiance make up Veronica’s core that allows her to withstand the overt ostracism of her peers with snarky disdain.
2. Veronica has an amazing connection with her father. Their relationship is a combination of mutual understanding and respect. And the best thing: they really like each other!
3. Her hair! Those bangs are amazing. And she wears it in so many cute styles!
4. Veronica is not perfect. She can be vengeful and cynical and more often than not thinks that rules don’t apply to her. But…when Veronica makes mistakes, most of the time she owns up to them and tries to clean up after herself.
5. She is never at a loss for words. Veronica’s comebacks are witty, spot on, and ouch! It’s safe to say that Veronica is usually the smartest person in the room.
6. Her strong moral compass often points her in the direction of trouble, but Veronica just can’t avoid righting a wrong.
7. Veronica is a victim of rape and classism; however, she never plays the victim. Her experiences don’t crush her. She uses them to get even and get ahead.
8. This girl is a supergeek who knows how to use her Nikon D70, criminal databases, and various forms of surveillance to find answers. If Veronica wants to know your secrets, it’s only a matter of time before she knows more than you do.
9. Veronica is basically like a superhero whose powers include her brain, her wits and her tenacity. She fights for justice, truth, the underdog, and the people she loves.
10. Backup, Veronica’s dog, listens to her.

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